Eliminate the Guesswork … Quickly Find Accurate, Up-to-Date CAC Market Prices Before You Buy or Sell Your Next CAC Coin – and Save or Make More Money on Every Coin Deal!
CAC Coin

Introducing the New
CAC® Market Values!

The first and only independent monthly price guide
exclusively for CAC coins

By expert rare coin pricing analyst
Mark Ferguson and Numisma Publishing

A timely and accurate guide to keep up with
ever-changing CAC coin prices

As you know, CAC-approved and stickered coins trade at premium prices. But do you know the actual prices they’re selling at?

Now, at last, there’s a price guide that accurately identifies the prices individual CAC coins are trading at: CAC Market Values.

Quickly find individual prices for CAC coins by type and grade or by series, date, mint and grade.

Don’t leave money on the table … pay too much … or miss out by not paying enough when you’re buying or selling CAC coins. CAC Market Values shows you the high and low price spreads CAC coins are really trading for so you can make your best deals.

Why a CAC-only price guide?

As CAC’s website states:

“Due to today’s selective collector/dealer, an ever-increasing number of certified coins on the market are considered low end for their grade. CAC holds coins to a higher standard so you can be confident in the value of yours. We verify previously graded coins … and award our sticker only to those coins that meet the standard for today’s sophisticated buyer.”

And as those buyers continue to take higher-end coins off the market, holding them long-term, the price divide between CAC-approved coins and those not meeting CAC’s strict standards has been growing wider. But do you know by how much?

Mark Ferguson answered that question, in part, in 2012 when CoinWeek published the highly-requested CAC Market Study he researched and wrote. You may have seen it. The study measured price premiums for CAC-approved type coins by selected grades. Here’s an example:

CAC Market Study graph

Hundreds of thousands more CAC prices realized are available to analyze today!

When the CAC Market Study was released there were not enough coins stickered by CAC and traded on the market to build a comprehensive price guide. But now there are.

Taking the initial research farther, as a full-time endeavor over many months, Mark Ferguson personally researched tens of thousands of individual auction sales of CAC-approved coins to build CAC Market Values, the first and only independent monthly price guide exclusively for CAC coins.

CAC Market Values reports on today’s most actively traded CAC coins – by type, series, and grade. Mark Ferguson’s nearly half century of experience enables him to accurately interpret market values …

We weed out outliers … adjust for changing market conditions … and establish values where sales data for very scarce and rare coins is limited or even non-existent.

That research and analysis is an ongoing process that keeps prices in CAC Market Values updated each month in the ever-changing market for rare U.S. coins.

Just look at all you get!

  • An independent monthly price guide – dedicated exclusively to CAC coins.
  • Easily find CAC prices by grade and type or by series, date, mint, and grade – saves valuable time from having to perform your own market research.
  • Accurate price ranges for each coin issue and grade – reliable high and low market spreads help you make your best deal, whether buying or selling.
  • Expert market research and analysis – produced by a professional numismatist with more than 12 years’ experience working for the top coin industry price guides.
  • Lists only the most frequently traded grades per CAC’s Population Report – eliminating information overload.
  • Over a dozen full pages of pricing data in every issue – lists thousands of market values for virtually all regular-issue CAC coins by series or type.
  • Professional in-depth market analysis – provides valuable trading insights that you can profit from.
  • Mailed as a preprinted, full-color newsletter format – no need to login and print out and it’s easier to read.

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